Our Curriculum

The curriculum has been developed based on the needs of our children. The curriculum is sequenced so that it is progressive in both skills and knowledge. We have selected and designed our units carefully so that it reflects our diverse community where everyone belongs and is included.

Pupils learn to value each others’ cultures, as well as their own. We ensure that our children experience enrichment opportunities that are carefully planned for throughout the school year. Through our E4C curriculum, we ensure that the children interrogate issues of racism and inequality through the medium of discussion and conversation. Our curriculum ensures that our children become valuable and fully rounded members of society who treat others with respect and leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain.

We have ensured that the development of rich vocabulary is at the heart of our  curriculum so that children have the foundations to become confident speakers, readers and writers.

We teach our core subjects with rigour and develop high standards of literacy through our English curriculum; develop fluency in number and the ability to problem solve in maths and in science, develop curiosity and stimulate awe and wonder about the world around them.

Our foundation subjects ensure that the children develop an understanding of the world around them. They are designed so that children know more, do more and remember more through repeatedly retrieving learning that has been taught.

The end goals of the curriculum are planned; end of year expectations are regularly assessed and scaffolds are used to ensure that most children reach age related expectations and in many cases, mastery.

Our six Learning Values, represented by different animals, guide the way that all members of our community learn, work and exist today. These values underpin and drive our curriculum. The learning values are cooperation, self-confidence, thoughtfulness, curiosity, motivation and resilience.

In Early Years and the Foundation Stage, we also link our learning to an overarching question to lead the children’s learning and ensure we cover all aspects of the EYFS Objectives.

Achieving our aim

The Avenue Primary community is committed to providing the best possible inclusive education for all our pupils, to develop the full potential in each and every one of them and to provide that education in a safe and secure environment. To this end we work with the London Borough of Newham and with the Manor Park Schools Community Partnership to provide the resources and support to achieve that aim. The school has developed a full range of policies, which spell out how we will implement the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as well as providing a secure environment free of bullying, sexism and racism.

These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the school is fulfilling the aims that it has set itself, and that it is complying with the latest guidance, regulations and legal obligations. The curriculum policy statement sets the context within which the other policies should be read.

In partnership with other agencies we:

  • Aim to raise educational achievement and develop the full potential in each individual.
  • Challenge and overcome low expectations about educational standards and achievements, acknowledging and challenging disadvantage and discrimination in all forms.
  • Value individuals and communities.
  • Acknowledge specific individual needs and meet them as far as possible within available resources.
  • Provide wide and varied educational experiences, which are based on the appropriate nationally approved curriculums.

When planning the curriculum we will ensure that it:

  • Draws on and recognises the value of linguistic, religious, cultural and ethnic diversity, particularly within our local community and that it presents positive images to our pupils.
  • Caters for the needs of all pupils in mainstream classes.
  • Recognises and plans for the need of all pupils including those with Special Needs and the Gifted and Talented.
  • Use available resources effectively to meet the individual needs of all pupils.
  • Actively discourage and challenges the use of racial and personal abuse, graffiti and attacks.

All pupils will:

  • Have an education that allows them to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and practical abilities with the motivation to use them.
  • Be shown respect as learners and individuals.

Curriculum overviews/maps

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Curriculum policy