At Avenue Primary School we aim to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in computing which provides access to an ever changing and expanding digital world. We wish to develop a love of computing, confidence and provide children with the ability to enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding through different types of media whilst keeping safety at the forefront of their minds. We believe that this will give our children the tools they need to succeed in a digital world.

We aim to develop pupils’ computational thinking and creativity so that they can ‘understand and change the world’. There are three interrelated aspects, and these are covered in each year:

  • Computer Science (the foundations of computing, covering coding and computational thinking)
  • Information Technology (the applications of computing, including working with documents, data and digital media)
  • Digital Literacy (the implications of computing for individuals and society)

With the knowledge that computing will undoubtedly continue to form a major part of the pupil’s life at home, further education and places of work, we will ensure they are equipped with effective and transferable life skills. We aspire all pupils to be confident, capable and creative users of digital technology, with a secure understanding of the fundamental principles of computer science and as safe, responsible and discerning digital citizens.

Overview of topics

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Useful links

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