Year 4

In Year 4, pupils have a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to express themselves, and they continue to become lifelong learners through a culture of challenge and growth. We believe that our pupils’ personal, social and emotional development is the key so we ensure that all pupils’ needs are met. The PSHE curriculum (JIGSAW) provides opportunities for children to learn about emotional literacy, social and life long skills and resilience.

In June, all Year 4 pupils complete a times multiplication test – ‘Multiplication Times Tables Check’ which is an online test. Pupils are asked to answer 25 questions on times tables from two to twelve. They are given 6 seconds per question with three seconds rest between each question. We ensure that we evaluate their progress weekly and address any gaps in their learning.

In Year 4, pupils begin to further apply the knowledge they have learnt in the earlier year groups to a wider range of contexts. In English, pupils will look at longer, more complex texts and will write in a range of genres including poetry, narrative, information leaflets, letters and diary entries. Pupils apply more complex grammar features and are expected to identify how to edit and improve their work with increasing levels of independence.

In Reading lessons, pupils begin to read longer, more difficult texts and will comprehend them with increasing levels of independence. In Mathematics, pupils revise arithmetic skills regarding the four operations and will increase their knowledge of more complex skills such as fractions and decimals. Also pupils work on applying their knowledge of arithmetic skills to problem solving and reasoning questions and will be expected to verbally explain their calculations and answers with more accuracy.

In Year 4 we promote a love of learning in a range of challenging and engaging topics such as the Romans and Anglo Saxons where children have a dress up day. Pupils investigate sources and artefacts to infer what they tell us about life in the Roman times and work to answer the questions. Pupils learn about a range of religions throughout the year including, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism and understand the importance of understanding, tolerance and respect.

Also, pupils are involved in a rich and exciting curriculum including educational visits, visitor and enrichment days.

Meet the Teacher Y4 2023

Curriculum overview

Y4 Curriculum overview

Useful Websites

Mathletics – A range of maths activities to practise a range of maths topics
Key Stage 2 Literacy – has activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules.
SpellZone – a range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.
BBC Bitesize – Information about the Romans
Topmarks and Crickweb – a little bit of everything in these last two websites from spelling games to writing tips:

Possible visits and trips/ Home activities

Science Museum
British Museum
Natural History Museum
Manor Park Library
Sri Murugan Hindu Temple (R.E topic)
St Michael & All Angels Church (RE topic)