Religious Education

Welcome to the Religious Education/Worldviews (RE) section of our website. At Avenue Primary School, we want all of our children to understand what the nature of religion and worldviews are. Our RE/Worldviews curriculum promotes the fundamental British values.
The curriculum focuses on those strands or aspects of religion and human experience that seeks to understand beliefs, teaching and sources, practices and ways of life and forms of expression. It consists of more than information-gathering in that it includes identifying the underlying concepts and themes.

The process of expressing and communicating ideas encourages pupils to make links between their learning and their own personal experiences through considering identity and belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

The process of gaining and deploying skills needed for the study of Religion and Worldviews encourages pupils to use higher order skills in their work. It also supports them with being able to think creatively and deeply about religion and world views and it enables pupils to make links between other areas of the curriculum.

Our curriculum encourages pupils to express their responses in a range of forms and styles (representational, symbolic etc.). As well as this, it encourages pupils to be sensitive to a range of human responses that might differ from their own.

 The curriculum links to 6 forms of development: intellectual,spiritual, moral, social and emotional and we foster skills to enable the exploration and response to:

  • Self-awareness – being able to reflect upon and communicate feelings, beliefs, attitudes, values and aspirations
  • Curiosity – ‘Why are we here? ‘Why do people die?’
  • Respect for all – developing the way in which positive relationships can occur
  • Sensitivity towards and understanding of others – using empathy to understand the feelings of others
  • Community – experience of working in diverse groups
  • Values – justice, honesty and truth.

Pupils will express these attitudes and qualities in a range of ways including:

  • an awareness of one’s own developing views and perceptions
  • a curiosity about the world of other people and an active interest in how they communicate their beliefs and values
  • a willingness to respect the values and beliefs of others
  • a willingness to take part in the human search for truth, purpose and meaning
  • a fascination with how people respond to those deep questions which affect the way in which they approach and influence their lives becoming lifelong learners.

RE Curriculum overview

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Quotes from children about your subject

It’s interesting because you get to learn about different religions. It’s also helpful because in this world, you’re surrounded by different religions and therefore it gives you a good idea about other people’s beliefs.
– Khushi, 10, Chestnut Class.