Our School Mascot

Hello my name is Coco and I am a Chihuahua – Pomeranian cross with the most friendly temperament. I was born in Covid times (but don’t hold that against me) on 13th January 2021 in a home with 3 children aged 2, 5 and 7.

Although I am from a small litter, (1 of 2) I immediately looked at the little children in my household as my extended family and I adored spending time with them and like being with children.

Avenue Primary have adopted me as their school mascot and wellbeing dog! Lucky for them I say!  I am very affectionate and always available for cuddles and have the most calming effect on adults and children.

My likes – apart from being a sweet and gentle girl; I absolutely adore belly rubs, chicken and carrots.

I have been attending the school since I was 3 months old and have adapted well to my environment.
I have been known to have a cheeky snooze for a few hours in the school office… A girl needs her rest!

I spent some time with a doggy coach who taught me a thing or two. No problem for me, I am such a quick learner!
Now that I have learnt all my lessons about being in school I am very busy and have a number of tasks that I am responsible for around the school (although I haven’t negotiated any rates with the school as yet!) .

I visit the library and listen to readers across the school – I do love being read to – I have to say that we have some great readers in the school.

I support anyone who is feeling a little sad and make them smile again. Also, I help children who are scared of dogs overcome their fears, and if I am lucky, in the future I may be able to attend school trips and events. How wonderful is that?

I hope my presence will have a positive impact on all the children and staff in Avenue by motivating them, teaching them how to nurture and respect life, and also help them to build their confidence in reading and reducing any stress levels they may have.

Obviously, I am aware that some parents, teachers and children may be unsure around dogs, that’s why we have had many conversations so that staff and children are aware of what to do and not to do around me.

We collect allergy information during your admission meetings, but if you believe you may be allergic to me, please send an email to our school address info@avenue.newham.sch.uk and we will make sure I am kept at a distance.

When I am in school I will be located in the office area, which is a secure area and separate from the classrooms so I will never be in the way.
At the end of the year I hope to achieve all my targets (us Dogs have Standards too!) but I will let you have regular updates on my life at Avenue. As always, I expect the best to be the best at Avenue!

Great photo by the way..loving my uniform!
Bye for now!!

My brother Moka and I were born on 13th January 2021

In March 2021 I moved into my new home


My first time in London in June 2021