Aims and Ethos

Our mission statement and aims have been in place since September 2014. At this time we consulted with parents and carers, children, staff and the local community to ensure that all stakeholders had an input into the school’s vision.

Expect the Best …To be the Best

Whole School Aims

  • To ensure that all pupils whatever their race, gender, age or ability feel valued and supported to achieve their best
  • To promote positive learning attitudes and behaviour and create safe and effective learning environments where all children and staff show mutual respect for one another
  • To provide effective and strategic leadership at all levels
  • To deliver high standards of teaching that enable children to make progress and reach high standards of attainment.

Learning Values

At Avenue Primary School we have six Learning Values, which are represented by different animals. These values guide the way all members of our school community learn, work and exist together. We have broken the values into stages to capture what each value looks, feels and sounds like at different ages.

We expect that pupils will begin to learn our values in Nursery and fully embrace these as they progress through the school and when they leave the school in Year 6. The values are:

  • Cooperation
  • Self-confidence
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Motivation
  • Resilience

Please click on the link to view our Learning Value Phase poster.